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A photograph from Sonepat Housing Scheme

Projects In Progress


A plot of about 20-Acre of land was purchased in the years 2009 & 2010. Initially, Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA) had notified to acquire this land for their residential colony. After persistent efforts by IRWO and Railway Board, BDA has released the land from acquisition in August, 2015. Building plans were submitted to BDA and were under examination by them for approval in the BDA Board meeting. Finally, BDA asked to super-impose the land-use as per BDA’s Road Plan 2015 on IRWO’s lay out plan. This resulted in not only reducing the area of the plot, but also damaging the integrity of the plot by dividing it into pieces. MS had spoken to the Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka, to help IRWO in the matter. Modified building plans have been submitted to BDA for approval.



Sonepat is one of the largest group housing constructed by IRWO. There are 660 dwelling units and 117 EWS units. This housing complex has been developed on 10.012-Acres of Free-hold land at Sector-10, Sonepat. There are 13 towers of Type-II,III & IV dwelling units in Basement + Stilt + 12/13 configuration & 2 Towers of EWS units in Ground+3/4 configuration. Buildings have been designed for earthquake resistant forces and Fire Fighting Installations complete wih sprinklers system in the basement have been provided as per the norms of Haryana Government. Colony is provided with Solar Water Heating Sysem as per norms of HAREDA, rain water Harvesting System and sewerage treatment plants with provision of recycling of waste water, Community Centre, Doctor’s Room, Shops along with Green Lawns, complete with Benches, Children’s Play Areas, sites for future Nursery Schools, 4 deep tube-wells etc. have also been provided. The colony has been given Gold Grading by State Environment Appraisal Committee (SEAC) for satisfying laid down parameters of water conservation, energy conservation and noise level control etc. So, it has become self sustainable well developed gated property complete with boundary walls for ideal living. So far 602 possession letters have been issued and 592 allottees have taken possession. 16 EWS units have been handed over out of 18 possession letters issued. There are about 18 dwelling units vacant. Scheme has been reopened for booking from 07-06-2016 to sell these units.
Sonepat: Project Photographs


IRWO has purchased 12.86-Acre of land at Kota and project is planned in two phases. These are single-storied plotted row houses. In Phase-I, 62 dwelling units were planned. The contract was awarded in April, 2015 and the work was hampered due to slow progress by the contractor. Foundation work in 3 blocks was in progress, 33 roof slabs were cast. Contract had to be terminated on 07-09-2016 due to tardy progress of work. Fresh contract has been awarded and Contractor has mobilized at site and started casting boundary wall foundations. Registration of Plots OCF-1 and OCF-2 for dispensary, community centre, etc has been done. The scheme has been re-opened to blood relations of IRWO members, employees of Nationalized Banks, employees of other Government establishments etc. for booking from 08-07-2016 onwards to fill up the vacancies. .

Please click here to download the revised Unit Plan for Type IV (4 BR). Please replace Page 19 of the Brochure with the Revised Plan.


A plot of land measuring 3.24-Acre in Sector 37 of Jagatpura in Jaipur, approved by Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) for “residential use” has been purchased and registered in favour of IRWO on 03-12-2013. Building plans have been sanctioned by JDA. 261 multi-storied dwelling units are to be constructed. Tender was opened on 05-08-2015 and work awarded on 27-11-2015. Construction of foundations and stilt roof of blocks A, B, C, D, E and F has been completed. Casting of 4th floor for blocks A, B, C, D and F has been done. Casting of 5th floor for blocks A, D and F has been done. Construction of boundary wall is also in progress. The scheme has been re-opened for blood relations of IRWO members, employees of Nationalized Banks, employees of the other Government establishments etc. also from 08-07-2016 onwards to fill up the vacancies. .
Jaipur Ph- III: Project Photographs


Thirty one applications were received in the demand survey for single-storey row houses at Moradabad, closed on 31-12-2015. A turnkey tender including transfer of land, for the construction of 65 single-storey houses was opened on 17-03-2016. Land offered by the tenderers was inspected by the Land Committee on 27-04-2016. Negotiation was held on 15-06-2016. LOI issued on 28-06-2016 was accepted by the Contractor and turnkey agreement has been executed. Transfer, registration and mutation of about 1.9 Ha of land has been done in favour of IRWO. Building plans are under finalisation for submission to Moradabad Development Authority (MDA) for approval.
Moradabad-PH-II: Project Photgraphs .

Chennai Phase II

11.88 Acre of land was procured in the year 2004 and the housing scheme has been planned in two phases. In Phase-IIA, 140 dwelling units have been planned. The contracts were earlier awarded on two occasions but due to various reasons and court cases, the contractors could not complete the work and contracts had to be terminated. Fresh tender has been awarded in first week of June, 2015 and the work is progressing. Scheme has been reopened for booking from 10-11-2016 to 30-12-2016 to fill up vacancies.
In Phase-IIB, 161 dwelling units have been planned. Building plans were submitted to Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) in the month of May, 2015. A number of meetings and discussions were held with CMDA authorities for early approval of plans. In this regard, Member Staff had also written a letter to Chief Secretary, Tamil Nadu Government for early approval of the plans. Building plans for 161 DU’s have been sanctioned by CMDA and Municipal Authorities. Tender for the work has been invited to be opened on 11-01-2017. .

Chennai Ph IIA: Project Photographs



About 9.6–Acre of land has been purchased and registered in favour of IRWO in village Salivada and Kosamghat, on NH-12A Jabalpur – Mandla road. Layout plans have been approved by the local authority. Contract has been awarded and LOI has been issued and accepted by the Contractor. The scheme was opened for booking from 08-08-2016 to 31-10-2016 and extended up to 15-11-2016. The scheme has been opened to blood relations of IRWO members, employees of Nationalized Banks, employees of other Government establishments etc. for booking to fill up the vacancies. .