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A photograph from Sonepat Housing Scheme

Projects In Progress


Phase-I work has been completed. In Phase-II scheme dwelling units have been planned. Construction of dwelling units is progressing well. Vacancies still exist in multistoried type-I units. The scheme has been reopened for booking for Phase-II for IRWO members, their blood relations and all other Central, State Govt. and PSU employees.
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Construction of 660 dwelling units has been planned. In eleven towers which have been taken up in Phase-I, all 260 type-II, 192 type-III and 106 type–IV units, have been completed. Draw of lots for specific unit for Type-II, Type-III and Type-IV units has been held and the results have been uploaded on IRWO website. 432 dwelling units have been handed over to the allottees. Phase-II scheme has also been completed. Draw of lots for specific unit was held on 16-05-2015 and results uploaded on IRWO website. 11 units have been handed over.
The Scheme has been re-opened from 25th Nov, 2015 to fill up the vacancies.

Sonepat: Project Photographs


12.9 Acre of land was procured. Approval of plans from MDA was received on 30-11-2009. Tenders were opened on 18-12-2009 and work awarded. Construction work has been completed for Phase-I. Draw of lots for specific unit for Phase-I was held on 29-11-2014 and the result has been uploaded on IRWO website. Possession letters have been issued to 71 allottees and 52 allottees have taken possession. For Phase-II, response for smaller units has been poor. Now depending upon the response of members, the plan has been modified and approved by MDA. Scheme has been reopened from 14-07-2014 including for outsiders. Good response has been received and all vacancies are now filled up. Work on 81 units of Phase-II is in progress. Roof slabs for 37 units have been cast.
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A new Contract for the work including Phase-II work has been awarded in August, 2012 after terminating the contract fixed in June, 2010 due to slow progress. Work has been restarted and is progressing in full swing. All 195 roof slabs have been cast in Phase-I finishing and external works have been completed. Draw of specific unit was held on 23-05-2015 and results uploaded on IRWO website. In Phase-II, RCC foundation work for all 6 blocks of type-IV units and 11 blocks of type-III units has been completed. For Phase-II scheme also all roof slabs have been cast and work is nearing completion. External services are also progressing well. Computerized draw for allotment of specific units is to be held on 17-10-2015. Scheme has again been reopened from 06-01-2015 to fill up some vacancies.
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Hyderabad Phase III

Additional 1.5-Acre land in Lingampally Phase-I was procured from APIIC. Plans submitted to the authorities were approved and tenders were finalized. Preliminary works were taken up at site when Phase-I allottees brought a “stay order” which has since been got vacated. Phase-I allottees filed application in writ appeal in Division Bench of A.P. High Court for staying the construction which was also dismissed. Contractor has remobilized and construction work has been recommenced. In both Plot A and Plot B, basement and all floors have been cast and completed. Finishing and external works are in progress. Computerized draw for allotment of specific units has been held on 24-09-2015 and result uploaded on IRWO website. Scheme has been re-opened for booking of some vacancies.
Hyderabad Ph III: Project Photographs

Chennai Phase II-A

Plans for construction of houses have been approved by CMDA. Ambattur Municipality has sanctioned individual plans of the dwelling units. Tenders were invited and technical bids opened on 20-09-2011 and finalized. Contractor was mobilizing to start the work when a writ petition was filed by local residents and work had to be stopped. The writ petition was dismissed by the Hon’ble High Court and ‘stay’ vacated. New tender was finalized and work was progressing slowly. This contract had to be terminated and fresh tender for the balance work has been finalized and work is progressing in full swing. Chennai Phase-IIB housing scheme for construction of 161 4-storeyed DU’s was launched from 02-06-2014 to 08-09-2014 and there was rush for booking of dwelling units for Phase-IIB. Approval of the building plans is being pursued with the local authorities. Allotment letters for phase-II allottees will be issued after approval of plans by authorities.
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